• Soothes scalp
  • Removes build up
  • Cleans hair and scalp
  • Rinse-free cleanser
  • Prevents itchy, dry scalp
  • Deposits luster and moisture
  • Made with Pineapple & Guava
  • 8.5 oz

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This moisturizing foam is a great way to reduce frizz and make your braids look more defined. If you are worried about dry, itchy scalp this is the product for you, designed to sooth your scalp and while cleaning and removing build up from your hair.

We recommend that you use this product roughly once a week because over use can cause build up on your braids and that’s one of the things we are trying to prevent. Key ingredients include natural oils, pineapple and guava.

Be sure to follow the direction for best results.

Directions: Shake before using. Apply Tropical Roots moisturizing sculpting foam to your hair and allow to dry. You can sit under a hooded dryer or air dry depending on your preference.